Creating relationships is an art.

In a world where the only constant is change, with New Ways of Work and a re-invented business model reshaping our working environment towards a more collaborative, human, team- and project oriented one, Inexsa’s clients and candidates have asked us if we could help them by:

  • Rapidly providing them with a professional available to fill a temporary client need;
  • Or Searching for an interim or freelance position open in the market and matching the candidate’s skills and competencies.

Over the last 40 years, we have managed a growing network of highly skilled Managers thanks to our Executive Search expertise. Today, some of these candidates prefer offering their competencies on an assignment-basis. They can bring in a vast experience and a proven track record to several industries and fields of expertise. At Inexsa, we have reviewed and validated their curriculum, so that he or she can immediately be appointed to answer your strategic or operational need.

Throughout recent years, we have built a strong “potential interim candidates’ network”. Let us build the bridge between those immediately available candidates and your temporary needs. Together we’ll make it a success!

Our selection criteria

  • Middle- or Top Management roles
  • Experience and motivation to perform in a relevant interim position
  • Proven expertise in various professional environments
  • In-depth specialization when required
  • Multiple positive reference checks